Introducing Violet Veil

I’m so pleased to finally – finally be able to announce my new series! I originally started writing this story in around 2012, so it has been a long journey to get here. The series is called The Violet Veil Mysteries, and the first book is called A Case of Grave Danger. Here’s a taster of what it’s about…

Violet Veil wants nothing more than to prove her worth and become her father’s apprentice at Veil & Sons Undertakers.  One rain-soaked night she gets her chance when she finds a boy, Oliver, wandering around the graveyard. Just hours before, Oliver was lying in a coffin. Violet has just found her first case, and it doesn’t get bigger than this…


It’s a spooky gothic mystery, but with lots of fun and mischief. Violet is a determined, upbeat character with a sharp wit. Her personality is a bit of a mix of Scarlet and Ivy. Oh, and she’s no relation of Violet Adams from Rookwood (as far as we know…)

I have had a lifelong obsession with the Victorian era, cemeteries, and all things gothic and mysterious – so this was a dream for me to write. I’m so excited to tell Violet’s story, and for her to show the world that even the darkest of times can be filled with joy and adventure.

The series will be illustrated by the lovely Hannah Peck, which is very exciting to me as she has also worked on my current favourite series, Nevermoor. I particularly like how she’s drawn Violet’s trusty greyhound Bones…

A Case of Grave Danger will be published by HarperCollins in January 2021.

12 thoughts on “Introducing Violet Veil”

  1. I am so excited!!! I also love Victorian Mysteries, so this looks right up my alley. I will definitely buy a copy of the book when it comes out.


  2. Yay! Congratulations, Sophie 🎉
    I love Victorian Mysteries and I can’t wait to read this!
    I’m obviously gonna get a copy of this book.
    Best of luck 🤞


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