The Lights Under The Lake Cover Reveals


I’m pleased to reveal the covers for Scarlet and Ivy – The Lights Under The Lake! The left is the UK edition, which is due to be released on 9th March 2017, while the right is the Australia/NZ (20th February) and Canada edition (9th March).

The UK cover continues the silhouette style, and features some neat little details from the book. There was one big change that we made to this cover, which is that it was originally orange… But we decided to save orange for the next book! Can you guess why?

Not much was changed on the other cover, except that the designer added more of a warm glow to the sky to make it clearer that the book is set in summer.

Here’s how the set of all four books will look – and don’t forget there are still two more to come!

4 covers uk4 covers australia

This article was originally posted on my old blog, on 17th November 2016.

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