The Whispers in the Walls US Release

The wait is over for fans in the US, as The Whispers in the Walls is out today from Sourcebooks! Honestly sometimes it’s hard to believe that I’m published at all, let alone that I’m published around the world – so having a second book out in the US is amazing, and a dream come true for me!

I really hope fans in the US will enjoy this book as much as the first in the series. This one was a lot of fun to write – as well as a bit of a challenge! I loved getting to explore more of Rookwood School and its dark past.

We’re in spring right now and things are getting warmer, but The Whispers in the Walls is a wintry story… Prepare to start feeling a chill…

At the bidding of their cold-hearted stepmother, twin sisters Scarlet and Ivy are sentenced to board for a year at Rookwood School. The headmaster is cruel, the hallways are drafty, and there seems to be a thief afoot. When the finger of suspicion is pointed at Scarlet, she’ll do whatever it takes to clear her name – including some late-night detective work. But in the darkness of Rookwood, mysteries of the past come to light. The walls are talking of secrets past, and it’s up to Scarlet and Ivy to listen to their story…

I think the US editions are gorgeous as well – I love how artist Francesca Resta has interpreted my characters, and got so many of the little details right. I’m eagerly waiting for my author copies to arrive in the post…

If you’d like to order The Whispers in the Walls US edition, check out the book page here.

Pic by cover artist Francesca Resta on Instagram – @niji707

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