A New Look For The Curse in the Candlelight

tcitc double cover

Since there have been some delays and shuffles in the publishing schedule, The Curse in the Candlelight is no longer going to be out in October but in December instead – you may have already seen this on book sites like Amazon. So the amazing designers at my publishers have been having a rethink to make the book a little less Halloweeny, and a little more magical and witchy!

I rather like this new look – the teal cover and stars make me think of one of my favourite magical things, the Northern Lights. As always the UK art is by Kate Forrester (left) and the Aus/NZ/Canada art by Manuel Sumberac (right).

The book of course still features both witchy goings on AND Halloween, so never fear, you will not be missing out.

This also means we will be having a different colour again for book 6, which is going to be called… (drumroll please)…

The Last Secret

Can you guess what it might be?

12 thoughts on “A New Look For The Curse in the Candlelight”

  1. Am I the only one who preferred the orange cover it sort of stood out and stuff blue looks too similar I guess to the other idk why. I guess I preferred the pink and orange.


  2. Sorry if I comment a lot but is the title slightly (Scarlet and Ivy) is different it’s plain? It doesn’t have a pattern in it like the other I dunno if that’s an error or is it supposed to be like that.

    (Sorry if u take this is as offence)


    1. Hi A.M, I’ll try to answer your questions in one go!

      – Try your local library if you want to borrow an ebook. It’s free and legal!
      – Nope, not a fantasy. Funnily enough, that’s why we have the different covers in the UK, because people kept mistaking the books for fantasy instead of mystery.
      – I think the finished book will have a pattern on it like the others, but I haven’t seen one yet, so I’m afraid I don’t know for sure.

      Best wishes,


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