The Dance in the Dark US Cover Reveal


I’m so pleased to reveal the US cover for the third book in the series, The Dance in the Dark! The amazing artwork is once again by Francesca Resta. I love how well she has captured the twins in their ballet outfits. I think the cover really suits the atmosphere of the book, too. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

This edition will be out on May 1st from Sourcebooks in the US. You can find the order links over at the Booklaunch page.

Scarlet and Ivy – The Dance in the Dark

With their evil headmaster, Mr Bartholomew, safely out of the picture and kindly Mrs Knight in charge, it looks like life at Rookwood School is looking up. There’s a ballet recital Scarlet is desperate to star in, and more clues to uncover about the twins’ mother.

But after their beloved ballet teacher Miss Finch suddenly disappears and strange Madame Zelda takes her place, freakish things start happening. Poison letters are circulating the school, and ‘accidents’ are plaguing the students. It seems that the girls are in danger once more…

Is someone out for the ultimate revenge?

24 thoughts on “The Dance in the Dark US Cover Reveal”

  1. Hi, I love the Scarlet and Ivy books – I think they are great !
    I think that in the most recent email, you may have accidentally revealed part of the book 6 cover ( yellow with pirate hats/poison bottles )


  2. Dear Sophie,
    I adore your books. I just can’t put them down!
    I especially love how mysterious and exciting the dance in the dark was.
    You are my favourite author.
    From Tilly


      1. Hi Sophie,
        Ava and I are doing a author study and we both chose you (obviously!!!!)
        One of the questions is what are your authors hobbies and we can’t seem to find anything on that. Could you please let us know what you love to do? that would be great!!!!!!!!
        I hope you don’t mind me asking!
        From your number#1 fan


  3. Dear Sophie,
    Your books are AMAZING! My friend Tilly who has left a reply to you earlier introduced me to them about a month ago, and they are already my favourite book! Tilly dressed up as Scarlet for book week, and she looked AMAZING! Please start writing a new book, I never want to stop reading your books! My favourite book so far was the first one because I had only just started to read it, and from the first word I couldn’t put it down!
    Love your number one fan, Ava.


  4. Hi Sophie!
    I am doing a research on my favourite author (which is obviously you) and I need to know when you were born. Please tell me if you wouldn’t like to share your birth date.
    Ava xoxo


  5. Hello Sophie I think it was very kind of you to respond to my comment, I thought one of your books where BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!


  6. Hi Sophie!
    I just finished reading the Whispers in the Walls book and I loved it! I was about to buy the Dance in the Dark book and noticed that it is the last book with a US cover. So, I wanted to ask if the last 3 Scarlet and Ivy books will be available with a US cover soon. Thank you and I can’t wait to read the next book!


    1. Hi Kate, thanks so much, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books! Unfortunately Sourcebooks decided they didn’t want to publish the rest of the books so there won’t be any more of the lovely US covers (I was very sad about that too). They were released by HarperCollins instead so you can get them with the UK covers on


      1. Thank you Sophie! And don’t worry, the UK covers are super nice too, I can’t wait to complete my Scarlet and Ivy collection. 🙂


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