I Made The Veil Undertakers In The Sims

undertakers 1

Hello friends! I was so pleased that many of you enjoyed seeing my version of Rookwood School in the Sims 4. Making my settings really helps me with visualising when writing, as well as having the bonus of being lots of fun. So I couldn’t wait to have a go at making Violet’s house and the Veil Undertakers from my new book, The Violet Veil Mysteries – A Case of Grave Danger.

violet and oliver 2

It’s always to tricky to put something from your imagination into the Sims as you’re restricted by how the game works and what items you have. For example, Violet’s house in the books is on the end of terrace, and is surrounded by Seven Gates Cemetery. But in the Sims the best I can do is two houses and a tiny cemetery. But it still looks surprisingly close to how I imagine it.


As I said in my previous Sims blog, making your settings as a writer can be so useful and so much fun. It really helped me to visualise the layout of the house and to see how the characters could actually move around and interact with it.


As you might have already spotted, I also made the characters from A Case of Grave Danger as Sims. Again it’s a bit hard to get them exactly right, but it’s as close as I can manage. You can find the family on the gallery: Mother, Father, Violet, Thomas, Oliver, Bones and Maddy the Maid. Maddy really ought to have her hair tied back and be wearing a maid’s uniform, but I couldn’t easily do that without cheats or custom content – so I’m afraid she’s rocking a more casual look. And unfortunately young teenagers don’t really exist in the game so Violet and Oliver are looking a bit older than they should be!

family table

Why not take a look around the house and see what you can spot? I tried to squeeze in every little detail that I could… The Veils are lucky that they have indoor plumbing, quite a rarity in late Victorian England (the book is set in the 1890s, and a report in 1950 found that only 46 per cent of English houses had their own bathrooms). My thinking is that Violet’s father is a bit more worried about hygiene and cleanliness due to his profession, and that when they had a little more money he had some of his tradesmen friends install a bathroom. Their house is still mainly heated by fireplaces in every room.


Sims info: I used the bb.moveobjects cheat code (you may need to put this on as well) and some debug items, but no Custom Content. I own quite a lot of expansion packs, so you may not be able to view all items unless you also own them. The Vampires pack in particular is used a fair bit for the Victorian style furniture, and the coffins! If you want to play on the lot, you also might need to use a cheat code in game to get your Sims enough Simoleons to purchase it.

Here’s the link to the build on the gallery: The Veil Undertakers

And here’s the link to get the Sims I made: The Veil Family

violet's room

I hope you will enjoy taking a look around the Veils’ house if you’re able to download it. And if you can’t, I hope the screenshots give you a good idea!

outside front

Are there any other places from my books you’d like to see recreated in the Sims? Let me know and I’ll give it a try…

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