I Made The Grecian Theatre In The Sims

Hello again everyone – I’m back with another Sims build. As you might remember from my previous posts about building Rookwood School and the Veil Undertakers, I really love to make my settings in the Sims while I’m writing. It really helps me to picture the layout and how everything fits together. So of course while writing A Case of Misfortune I had to create The Grecian Theatre.

This one in particular was a monumental task because the theatre is so huge! I had to place it in a seaside lot because it was the only one I had that was big enough, even though it should be in the middle of the big city with an alley down the side… And as usual it was quite a struggle to get things to look exactly how I had described them (there is a real lack of Greek frescoes or gas tables in the Sims). So this is my attempt at a Victorian Sims theatre that more or less represents the Grecian.

There are plenty of things to spot from the book if you are able to have a look round – including Lady Athena’s dressing room, Niko and Eleni’s apartment, the new lift, and a secret hideout…

Sims info: You can find my builds on @Hapfairy. I used the bb.moveobjects code (you may need to put this on as well) and some debug items, but no Custom Content.

I own quite a lot of expansion packs, so you may not be able to view all items unless you also own them. If you want to play on the lot, you also might need to use a cheat code in game to get your Sims enough Simoleons to purchase it.

Here’s the link to the build on the gallery: The Grecian Theatre
(Please excuse the terrible auto generated thumbnail photo… I did change it myself but then EA refused to show the build to anyone, so I’m stuck with this one!)

I hope you enjoy looking around The Grecian Theatre. What should I build next?

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