New look for Violet Veil in Australia & NZ

I have a cool reveal for you guys today… These are the redesigned covers for Violet Veil in Australia and New Zealand! Violet has a new look, illustrated by Scarlet and Ivy’s artist Manuel Šumberac. I love how spooky and mysterious these covers are, and they should look really nice on the shelf next to Scarlet and Ivy.

You can pre-order these here:
New Zealand

If you prefer to collect the other style of covers, you can still get them on the Book Depository with free worldwide delivery.

A Case of Misfortune will be out in January 2022!

Violet Veil is ready for her next big case – and with trouble afoot at the Grecian Theatre, Violet and her dog Bones are hot on the trail. But just who is the mysterious fortune-teller, Lady Athena, whose predictions keep coming true? Is it all just a case of smoke and mirrors? Or is there something more sinister going on…?

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