The Violet Veil Mysteries – A Case of High Stakes

A cover reveal for you! Violet Veil gets caught up in A Case of High Stakes – involving a stolen diamond, a cunning nemesis and heaps of ghosts.

When a large diamond goes missing from Silvershell Manor, who better to get to the bottom of the mystery than detective Violet Veil and her dog Bones? But nothing is quite as it seems when it comes to the missing heirloom, and when a trail of origami birds leads them to the mysterious Crane, a young casino owner and debt collector, Violet realises that it’s all just turned into a game of high stakes . . .

With illustrations by Hannah Peck, coming next year from HarperCollins…

This one has taken me rather a while thanks to dealing with the pandemic and my own health and all sorts of issues, but we’re getting there! I really hope you will all enjoy it.

Pre-order from Bookshop UK

Pre-order from Book Depository (free delivery worldwide)

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