The Curse in the Candlelight Cover Reveals

both curse copy

Here are the covers for the fifth book in the Scarlet and Ivy series – The Curse in the Candlelight. As you can see, this book has a spooky Halloween theme, which is something I am REALLY excited about, as a big fan of Halloween. The story revolves around a mysterious new girl at Rookwood School.

The cover on the left is the UK cover with illustrations by Kate Forrester, while the right is the Aus/NZ/Canada cover, with illustrations by Manuel Sumberac.

If you read my previous blog about The Lights Under The Lake, you may remember me saying that orange was suggested for that book, but I told them to save it for the next one… well, now you can see why!

I’ll leave you with some of my favourite past Halloween costumes… I am having a blast writing this book!

6 thoughts on “The Curse in the Candlelight Cover Reveals”

    1. Hi Chris, this book is not out yet as I’m still writing it! It should be out worldwide in December, and you’d then be able to order a copy from The Book Depository (free delivery to the US). There won’t be a US edition of it for a few years to come as they have only just released book 2 there. Best wishes, Sophie


  1. I don’t think I’m able to wait for this one !!! I’m am addicted to these books and have decided to reread the series till this one comes out. I can’t wait and I love your writing. You inspire me everyday 😉


      1. Hi! I love your books SO much, I showed it to lots of my friends to! And they all think you are an awesome author! I can’t wait for the 6th book to come out!! Your books are so mysterious, and it just makes me want to read more! Your book was the best book I read in my whole 11 years!! I also got a question, if The last secret is the final book of this series, then will the next series also be about Scarlet and Ivy? And finally, thank you for writing these good books! I am looking forward for the final book, and your reply!! 👍🏻😃🤣☺️



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